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This site introduces techniques and tools to help investors selecting french stocks for middle term investments. The base is TOP10, a free software based on the integration of Web sources, the modelling of stock indicators as time series, and the evaluation of stock scores.

To start, click on Best Stocks in the left menu to get the list of almost 200 shares ranked by expected efficiency.

Next, click on Top10 in the left menu. You will discover TOP10 presented as a grid of services to select and evaluate stocks among the French CAC, SBF120 and SBF250. Click on service icons to get best sectors, shares, portefolios and strategies to invest for some months.

The others entries in TOP10 menu give information on the TOP10 integrated technics, mainly time series theory, fundamental and techinal anlysis, and more ...

If you prefer to access the grid in french, click here : TOP10 grid in French

To retrieve news on a stock, enter its name below  :

Notice that TOP10 is a research tool without any guarantee on results ...