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The TOP10 research tool offers services mixing stop screening and data mining. Stock screening consists in looking for the best stocks to buy or sell at a given time. A web screener looks over the Web to compare and discover best stocks to buy but also to sell. TOP10 is a new stock screener based on the Web,  data mining and time series. TOP10 is a research vehicle to experiment with time series applied to stock management and data mediation. The user can classify stocks according to a mix of 18 indicators. Search for stocks by selecting from the fundamental and technical anlysis is known as stock picking. Stock picking can be done using TOP10. Ten criterias have been computed and can be weighted from 0 to 10 by typing in the weight in the associated box. By default, all criteria are weighted 1, but the user can change the weights.

Beyond classification, TOP10 provides services to define and test your own strategies on past data. In general, strategies to buy and sell stocks are classified in two categories :

  • Fundamental analysis. This involves the study of the business activities in their contexts.
  • Technical analysis. This is based on the analysis of stock prices (and sometimes exchange volumes) evolutions.

Top10, our experimental stock screener, integrates both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental versus Technical Analysis : TOP10 is trying to reconcile both through a combinaison of indicators. We introduce the basic fundamental and technical indicators that TOP10 is using in the next pages.

In summary, TOP10 is an experimental research tool to help in selecting French stocks, and also to experiment with buy and sell strategies. In no case, investors should rely or follow TOP10 recommendations : this is just a research tool to play with new database  techniques. Much more has to be done before getting an operational tool.